401K & IRA Rollovers/Pension Choices

The Internal Revenue Code contains many rules to allow taxpayers to save money for retirement and allow the earnings to accumulate on a tax-deferred basis. This means the accounts can grow faster than other investments because taxes aren’t paid currently. Of course, at retirement full retirement age of 70 ½, we are required to begin withdrawing from these accounts, and then pay taxes on the withdrawals. Hopefully, most people are retired by then and possibly in a lower tax bracket.

Why are retirement account strategies important?
The rules governing Qualified Retirement Accounts are extremely complex. For example:

  • Who can/should be beneficiaries?
  • When should you begin withdrawals?
  • What should you do with you 401(k) or 403 (b) when you retire?
  • How should you plan for “stretch” IRAs?
  • Should you take IRA money first, and let your Social Security accounts grow larger?
  • How can you protect your retirement account from investment risk?

Principals in the company have years of experience helping clients make the best decision to protect their retirement accounts.