Can You Save on Health Insurance?

Can You Save on Health Insurance?

The growing cost of medical services and health insurance in the United States is a problem that is not isolated to a single demographic. Many people are impacted. The latest surveys of American businesses report that health insurance and benefits are one of their greatest expenses, second only to employee payroll.

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Domain Listings Scam Targeting Small Businesses

Important Information for Small Business Owners! Beware of the Domain Listings Scam letter!

There is a scam going around, targeting small businesses. Our affiliate company, Lantz Law, Inc. recently received a letter from a company called Domain Listings, claiming to be a website listing service. They sent what at first glance, looks like an overdue bill for website or domain services. It included a “Description of Services” section, which displayed “Annual Website Domain Listing” for $228.

Upon further reading the smaller print, they reveal that they do not register or renew website domains and that the letter they sent is not a bill, but a solicitation. However, for someone that may not be familiar with their domain registrar, it's easy to believe that this is a real bill. In the panic of thinking their website renewal is overdue, one might skip over the part that states that they do not need to pay.

If you receive this letter from Domain Listings your best bet is to shred it and forget it! The company has a 1-star rating on Yelp and more than 70 complaints submitted to the Better Business Bureau.  If you haven’t already, it's a good idea to become familiar with the name of the company that actually hosts your domain and your website. Lastly, any time you receive a letter or email that you are unsure of, a quick Google search may be helpful. After typing "Domain Listings" into Google, we immediately found multiple sources describing the letter as a scam.


Here is what the letter looks like below:

Domain Listings scam letter front.jpg
Domain listings scam letter back.jpg