The Media that Cried “Crisis”

The word “crisis” has become quite popular in our 24-hour news cycle. It’s a word media outlets have attached to everything from student loans to weight gain to a national shortage of biscuits in an attempt to maximize the eyeballs on their content.

However we believe most, if not all, of the issues labeled as “crises” can be solved over time, whether it’s with a long-term plan, a change in legislation or perhaps new personnel brought in at the next election. 

Take, for example, the “retirement savings crisis.” It’s a term we may have heard used to describe the national financial situation, but at the individual level, it doesn’t really become an issue unless you were to run out of money. Nobody wants to leave the workforce only to realize they didn’t have enough money saved up, but we believe this is one potential challenge that can be resolved before it happens, even before you retire.

For example, you may be able to reposition income-producing assets now to become guaranteed fixed income-producing assets later.* We’re happy to consult with you about how this can be accomplished, and help determine whether it’s a viable option for your individual financial situation.

When it comes to finances, the challenges you may encounter differ from anybody else’s. During the last recession, generally middle- and lower-class workers got hit the hardest. Many homeowners became renters, and some renters became homeless. Meanwhile, some higher net worth folks reined in spending, so second homes and other luxuries got put on hold.

A financial professional may be able to help you create retirement strategies using a variety of insurance and investment products to help you meet your retirement income goals. If you have questions or need assistance, please keep us in mind.

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Raymond C. Lantz, Jr. is the president and founder of USA Wealth  Group, Inc. Ray has many years of experience advising clients in retirement and sophisticated tax planning strategies, multi-family and commercial real estate projects, and legacy planning. Ray is a graduate of Clark University, holds a law degree from Boston College, and a master of laws in taxation from Boston University. You can hear him every Sunday on Money Wise with  Ray Lantz on WBSM 1420AM or on the Radio Pup app.